How can I convince my boss to invest in the iOS Lead Essentials with me?

Many organizations are encouraging their staff to improve their skills. It is a fantastic investment for you and your employer. So here's a copy/paste template to help you get the support of your boss, manager, or HR department in reimbursing the iOS Lead Essentials program:

Dear _____________________,

Continuous improvement is something we take seriously, and it involves everything from excellent user experience to software architecture, automation, and testing strategies. Can we check out this new training program from

It's called The iOS Lead Essentials, and it's an online interactive course teaching professional iOS developers how to transform their skill set and become more productive in Swift and iOS development. The program is 100% online, which means I can progress at my own pace by studying the lectures, videos, and discussions carefully.

This course will help me thoroughly deepen my understanding and amplify the skills we need to move our work forward more effectively. Here you can find more details and some testimonials from past sessions. Previous participants have said that this course has transformed the way they perceive and write software. Everything is learn-at-your-own-pace, so I can participate in my own schedule while still cranking at work.

The price to enroll is US$2497. Would the company be willing to reimburse me for this training?

Their homepage is:

This could be the training we've been needing on our team right now. Looking forward to your decision.


(Your name)